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When will the glorious mission be online?

Tencent’s first tactical competitive mobile game \”Glory Mission\” was officially launched on Android and iOS dual platforms to start a comprehensive test.Android version of Glory

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Tencent’s first tactical competitive mobile game \”Glory Mission\” was officially launched on Android and iOS dual platforms to start comprehensive testing.

Over 40 million people make an appointment

How hot this game is this game. Since November 8th has launched an unlimited number test reservation, as of now Application for more than 40 million users.

The game adopts a third -person shooting angle, and the player transformed into a warrior who participated in the \”mission action\” military exercise. The game will combine survival exploration with multi -camp PVP (shooting+role -playing) to start a new experience of mobile military exercises.

So, we will ask-

What is the picture quality compared with the end game?

The game uses 8000*8000 ultra -large -scale real -view maps, covering a variety of complex terrain such as mountains, plains, waters, and towns. The film -grade PBR material rendered, and even the dynamic light and shadow optimization used in PC stand -alone masterpieces.

Is the experience real enough?

The game adopts a diversified weather system, sunny / cloudy / morning / dusk / fog, night / night, with exclusive sound effects, with hundreds of variable terrain, bringing 360 -degree immersive environmental experience.

What is the operating feel and end game?

The character adopts real action capture technology, four or five thousand action combinations and micro -action systems, plus a realistic physical feedback system, making the overall experience of the character’s action more realistic and more sensible.

Can Xiaobai users get started easily?

The game intelligently optimized technology through LOD (multi -detail) intelligent optimization technology, which greatly reduces the demand for equipment. Smart machines of about thousands of yuan can support medium and high special effects, smooth operation, operation, and mobile game system gyro Yiyi is more flexible to reduce the operation threshold.

The most important thing is that you can also invite the platform friends to team up through the \”one -click invitation\” button in the game, or you can send invitations to WeChat and QQ, bring friends at any time to open black at any time Double row and four rows are not dreams. \u0026 gt; \u0026 gt; \u0026 gt; \u0026 gt; click to download the latest client to mobile phone.

Hope, this game can bring you a new experience and live up to expectations.

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