Tour Journey to the West 299 Game Update Trailer

Travel Westward 2 will start to stop for maintenance at 6:00 am on September 9th. This time, new scriptures and new fashion will be opened.

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Travel West Journey 2 will be stopped for maintenance at 6:00 am on September 9th. This time it will open a new scripture and new fashion. So what are the updates and maintenance on the 299th of the Westward Journey to the West? Let ’s take a look at the game update preview on the 299th of the West Journey to the West.

Routine maintenance notice

In order to allow the heroes to experience more and richer game content, we will start at 6:00 on September 9th at 6:00 am For full service maintenance, the maintenance time is expected to be 2 hours.

After the maintenance, as long as the heroes log in before September 22, 2015, they will receive 188 ingots, more exciting experience, so stay tuned!

New fashion

The new fashion is on the shelves! The return of the nine-headed king, the red baby is strong and strong, more exciting, present for you!

Nine-headed bug-Teng Snake Momoli

Broken Temple Five hundred years of forbearance, it was just leaving indifferently. The ending is destined. He is confident that he can become a new emperor, like the snake star, clear the world.

Red Baby-Spring and Autumn

Anyone is only young and young, but he can’t see the childishness, and he firmly looks at Shen Yi’s gaze. This is the age of a teenager. His appearance will inevitably stir up the Three Realms and dance the stars.

Six -person battles are upgraded again

Under the inspiration of everyone’s battle enthusiasm, the six players will play in the noon time! The dual row of the battlefields will be launched in heavy lists ~ Where to optimize, where is it? Please see below ~

1. Six people will play new noon during the battle, and you can also fight at 11:00 to 14:00 every day;

2. In order to make the six people play more colorful, Introduce the Shengsheng and Scriptures, the highest effective level of flying is 4 levels, and the highest effective level of the scriptures is 2 levels. It is set up by the captain (like the super league, some verses cannot be used in the six players); more in the future will be introduced more in the future. Rich elements, so stay tuned;

3. Each battlefield of six people will calculate the score based on the winning field and winning rate, and increase the score list; Clear zero refresh every week (refresh time is 3 am every Monday), the total list is not clear;

4. The team interface is optimized and adjusted. Players will be able to view the player scores and add them as comrades -in -arms;

5. In order to facilitate the cooperation between players, the single -player mode in the six players in the battle this week will be replaced with a fast team mode. After clicking, you can quickly join the team of other players. All members are ready to complete Then you can start fighting.

New Scriptures

Eight New Scriptures flow into the world, everyoneThe scriptures can redeem the two scriptures in the fairy demon reward, and find the fairy traces of other six verses in the scramble of the scripture ~

Hanging: Improve the motion speed and reduce state. The damage effect of your own hero

No: Improve the damage effect of the hero hero who is at a low attack rate

Introduction: Increasing the damage to the enemy’s architecture in the battlefield

] Empty phase: In the battlefield’s own architecture attacking enemy soldiers, the damage increased

Gama: When our hero was killed, reduce the soul value of the opponent A stealth state

Started: Increase damage to the target of the enemy with parasites

Fruit multiplication: The target of the parasitic unit will have its own strength and law. The real damage of the percentage of the percentage

The sixth layer of talent is grandly opened!

The repair of the advanced door is grandly opened. In this way, surpass themselves again! After the hero Neidan level reaches level 48, Can open the sixth layer of talent. The sixth layer of talents are the same as before. There are still 1 heroic talent and 2 general talents to choose from. You can only choose one of them to learn ~~ Quickly make your hero higher, faster, and stronger Bar! The white future will be waiting for tomorrow ~

opening the volume is beneficial

The autumn wind is cool, and the sound of books is full of sound. In order to welcome the school season, a large wave of benefits followed ~

Opening task

Activity time: After updated on September 9th -24:00 on September 22

Activity Rules : Complete the designated task during the event to get a generous reward including golden spirit stone, golden forging formula, gold coin, and ingot!

Limited time benefits

Activity time: September 16th – 9 24:00 on the 22nd

Activity rules: During the event, you can get 2 additional soul fragments after each prayer, and Tao Taoyuan get double physical strength.

Tiangong Kaifu

Activity Time: Updated on September 9 – 24:00 on September 22

Activity Rules: During the event You can get an additional one of the heavenly spectrum. Each episode can be exchanged for the synthetic formula of the golden equipment. The gold equipment formula can be exchanged once a day!


123] Activity time: 3:00 on September 18 -24:00 on September 20

Event content: Players can make free draws for free every other time during the event. Can receive all the rewards.The machine blue equipment, blue spirit stone, the purple spirit stone formula is waiting for you to draw 呦 ~


1. Herozuzuka and the scripture snatch the new sweeping function. After the player reaches level 60 It can consume a small amount of ingot for sweeping and get a reward directly;

2. Optimize the reward interface of the demon. Players will increase the entrusted reward button after reaching level 60, which can be commissioned directly at the fairy demonstration interface; 123] 3. Hero pray to increase the function of automatic cleanup: After checking this function, the players who have not performed on the same day will automatically leave the team when the captain enters the prayer interface the next day;

4 The problem that the hero moves when the hero is moved in real -time battle, and the skill will be interrupted;

5. The problem of the special effects of the special effects after the state of the Kunlun slave royal tower is over;

] 6. Fixed the problem of becoming a transparent problem that the magic Wu Kong destroyed the heavenly ground skills became transparent, standing with the hero who was killed by the skill;

7. Fixed the correction of Yangli Daxian avatars. Affected by other hero skills.

Please take the actual update content in the game as the subject

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