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NetEase 520 game lovers day will release a new tour of the new tour game 520 game lovers day release a new tour list

What new tour will release the NetEase 520 game lovers day. As the annual grand banquet, Netease has been announced for the poster of this new tour conference. Then

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What new tour will release the NetEase 520 game lovers day. As the annual grand banquet, Netease has been announced for the poster of this new tour conference. So what new tour will release the NetEase 520 game lovers day? Let ’s take a look at the new tour of the NetEase Game 520 game lovers day with Xiaobian!

What new tour will release the NetEase 520 game lovers day

NetEase Game 520 game lovers released a new tour on the day

Recently, Netease Games announced that the 2018 Netease Games 2018 press conference will be held on May 20, that is, the 520 game Love Day will be held Essence Together with the majority of game lovers, Netease Games will continue to explore a new game experience of common love and unseen yet, and expand the new border of the game. It is reported that 520 NetEase Games will release more than 20 new games with different styles on the day, and its 14 flagship IP camps will also reveal the new strategy and game content.

Secret: Don’t look back, don’t stop

for these six words and dark background color, we think it will be more than that of NetEase to launch more than \”Fifth Personality\”. Further terrorist games, but below this fan language is \”After Tomorrow\”, \”Lost Room 3\” and \”Lost: Passing\” three games LGGO.

However, if you think about it, whether it is the ending survival game \”After Tomorrow\” that combines elements such as collection, manufacturing, and combat, or the classic secret room escape series game \” The two latest sequels of The Room are also in line with such settings. Based on the previous officially announced works, it will be launched in mid -2018, and this conference will probably officially launch the official Chinese version of \”Lost Room 3\” and \”Family: Passing\”.

Secret 2: Are you alone? Let’s go together!

This poster is also based on a kind of dark tone, the RPG game \” \”God’s Night Lama\” may not be more appropriate. However, in the social adventure game \”Sky Encounter\” and the \”Painting True Miaoshan Mountain\” of the national style puzzle, we were refused at first, because compared to this heavy sense of vision, they would give people more people more Easy enjoyment. Until I remembered \”SKY Light Encounter\”, when the candle was passed on to illuminate the scene at this time.

Dark, is about to be dispersed because of you.

Secret Three: You are here? Let’s drink a drink first!

Such a way to greet me greeting, no need to say, the game in this poster must not escape the relationship with the national wind martial arts. : \”Reverse Water Cold\”, \”Xuanyuan Sword: Long Wu Yunshan\”, \”Meteor Butterfly Sword\”, \”Flowers and Sword\”.

In comparison, the continuous rise of mobile games in these years, the attention of end games has been left out a lot, but \”Adverse Water Cold\” and \”Meteor Butterfly Sword\” undoubtedly have one of the most voices at the moment. After so many years of polishing and the expectations of countless players, this time I am afraid that it is not really out of the sheath?

Secret 4: Be careful! There are brain holes under your feet!

The game with a big brain open It usually means that the innovation of the game will be guaranteed. This is also one of the posters that contain the most games: \”Non -human academy\”, \”Cat and Mouse\”, \”Top of Green\”, \”Rider\” and \”Island Era\”.

It is thought that people can’t escape the elements of competition from \”Non -Human Academy\” to \”Cat and Mouse\” and \”The Top of Green\”. Do some new actions in the field of competitive mobile games?

Secret 5: Talking again today!

Although the poster brings a strong sense of fragmentation, I ’m more more of time. It was when Guan Yu saw when he invited Hua Xiong: \”Wine and pour it, come and come.\”

There is no doubt that \”Battleship World Flash War\”, \”Hunter’s King\” and \”Raw Date\” will be extremely sophisticated to survive when facing the battlefield confrontation. Judging from the existing information, the three games represented by Netease are not limited to the field of end games and mobile games, and they are still in the field of VR games.

Secret VI: Only the battle that can protect the civilization

The battle of civilization means that there will be multiple ethnic groups to choose from. In the layout of this area, NetEase also seemed to have made heavy chips this time: \”Warfare of War\”, \”The Civilization of theodo\”, \”The Roar of the War\”, \”Power and Disputes\” and \”Thai Epic\”.

From the exposed information, not only the number of games is large, but the gameplay also covers a variety of categories such as MMO, SLG, RTS.

Secret 7: I should play

This is probably the best poster. As a gift for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Netease took out \”Live Football\” and \”Live Live Live\” : King of the King \”, the former is created by the original production team of the original\” Live Football \”series of the original production team to control football mobile games, the latter is a more fragmented and collected card football mobile game.

Of course, at the press conference of the 520 game lovers, there will be more games, and it is unknown at this time. But it is certain that in addition to the above products, NetEase Games include 14 top -level IPs including \”Fantasy Westward Journey\”, \”Chu Liuxiang\”, \”Fifth Personality\” and \”Yin Yang Shi\”, which will also announce a new new at the press conference. Game content and plan.

In addition, NetEase Games specifically push for gamersThe Welfare Platform of the Welfare -Adventure Club will also be launched from May 14th’s anniversary of \”Pick! Your Welfare!\”, Digital products, etc.

So, which one do you look forward to in these games?

The above is the NetEase 520 game lovers will release the new travel game 520 game lovers dayList!

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