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National Day Travel to defend radish 2 to travel all the way

The eleventh holiday is here!Friends who plan to go out to play, do you want to pass the time when you want to be bored?Do you want to find a place where you can’t find your stay?

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The eleventh holiday is coming! Friends who plan to go out to play, do you want to pass the time when you want to be bored? Do you want to find a place where you can’t find the place to stay? As long as you make full psychological preparation, bring the super cute tower defense game \”Defending Radish 2\” together! During every time you worry about waiting, \”Defending Radish 2\” is definitely a good partner on the way to travel. It can bring you enough pleasure!

One, no 4G network? You can still customize the level

Going out to play, it is hard to say whether there are 4G networks to send Weibo to play WeChat. When your mobile phone suddenly \”lost contact\” on the Internet, how can you send those boring cars and queue time? May wish to launch the \”Defending Radish 2\” game, in the game of 135 new levels, including the six modes including adventure breakthroughs, BOSS limited time, monster forts, and crossing caves, to pass the boring time. Even if you don’t have a mobile network, you can still play in \”Defending Radish 2\”. Although you can’t connect to Weibo in the game to update your game ranking. Maybe after you customize the customs, the ranking will rise!

2. Anxia heart to get crystal radish

\”Defending radish 2\” game newly added \”additional task\” game method, when you complete all three in the game, all three three After the additional task and no pressure clearance, a crystal radish will be harvested. The role of this crystal radish is that after a certain amount of a certain amount, we can open more levels. It is very challenging. Usually, we may not have much time to concentrate on getting this crystal radish. In a time of leisure, I re -played the level of the crystal radish before I came to reunite, and completed it one by one! What I want to tell you here is that the extra tasks of each level can be completed one by one. For example, your level only completes one additional task, then you can focus on completing the next unfinished additional task when you rewrite the level. To pass the idle time during the journey, what is impossible!

3. Log in to Weibo to make happiness more thoroughly

Playing on Weibo to send friends circle has become our most frequent leisure way. When you go out, you can also interact with online friends when playing games! If your phone can be connected to the network, it is very happy! You can log in to your Weibo account in \”Defend Radish 2\”, play games with friends of Weibo, and see your game ranking in real time! Friends who do n’t have much time to interact with Weibo friends in the game. At this time, you can log in to Sina Weibo when you use eleven to go out to play and show your game rankings!

Holiday is a relaxed rest and restPlay.The eleventh holiday is idle, of course, you can play in the \”defending radish 2\” that I didn’t have time to play before.Whether it is to enjoy the beautiful game style of \”Defending Radish 2: Polar Adventure\”, the painful combat picture or colorful gameplay.In short, you can definitely add countless joy to your journey!
Name: Defense radish 2V5.2.2 Size: 139.5m download: http://www.pc6.com/azyx/100430.html

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