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Lolita is murderous and some stars and stars and stars will introduce

What are the masters of loli? Are there any stars? The following editors will introduce those star followers in loli who are murderous.

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What are the masters of loli? Are there any stars and class? The following editors will introduce the star followers of loli who are murderous. Players who are seated on the name ~

You tribe You tribe Boutique new tour 3D replacement combat RPG \”Lolita is murderous\”. After joining the AppStore, he led the payment list and successfully captured a large number of loli control. The private customization of the ever -changing fashion makes the girls love, and there are more special system stars to fight for a strong fight, and quickly take loli to form a team of MOBA!

\”Loli has murderous murderous\” follow Assistance

[Star followers: Cross -heading of Dimensions]

Little Red Hat, Spartan Warriors, heroes crossing the interstellar … Are these familiar names recall your dusty childhood memory? Once, \”Lolita has murderous murderous\” broke the memories of the memories, 3D modeling and exclusive dubbing perfectly restored the great stars to regain precious time for you. Which is your Super STAR? Remember to give a lens more!

The follower system will be opened after all the warriors reach level 5. At that time, all the warriors will get the first follower \”Dead Dick\” and choose \” In the \”Fragment\” interface in the follower, click \”Summon\”, and return to the \”follower\” interface to drag the follow -up avatar to the position of the line.

\”Lolita has murderous murderous\” follower call

How to enter the pocket of followers? Click \”Follow\” to enter the \”fragment\” interface, click \”Soul Stone\” right to the right On the side \”+\”, you can check the acquisition method of each follower. Such as the corresponding copy acquisition of the customs clearance, token in various gameplay stores, the acquisition of \”limited time followers\” to participate in the event, and so on. Lori tips, the star followers in the \”Limited time follower\” activity are relatively rare!

\”Loli has murderous murderous\” followers

Li refuses to fight alone]

Star followers who cross the dimension to fight. Of course, they are not embroidered pillows. They are all kinds of skills, and they can also release a combination of tricks with the owner!

Everyone Followers have their own strengths. According to the types of offensive and defensives of their own skills, they can be divided into three categories: offensive, defense, and auxiliary; at the same time, according to the length of the skill range, it is divided into melee and long -range categories. The reasonable choice of followers with their own career in the battle is a magic weapon for hundreds of wins. With the advancement of the game process, a total of four followers can be served in two groups. At the same time, only one group of two followers can be played, and the follow -up group can be switched in the battle.

\”Lolita has murderous murderous\” followers of the followers

Star followers met the zoom, 3D replacement battle RPG \”Lolita has murderous\”, runaway, multiple gifts RectifyTo go! For more exciting, please pay attention to the official website and related news of the mobile game \”Lolita Murder\”, and unveil the mystery of loli together!

The above is the loli who have murderous stars and followers, noKnowing that players like them and don’t like them.

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