Pingyao Cheng Jia Hotel

Chengjia Laoyuan hotel located at 125 North Street of Pingyao Ancient City, which is listed as World Heritage. It is located downtown and has good transport facilities. Furthermore the hotel is only located 100 metres from the North Gate of the anciet city. It is an excellent starting point to visit Rishengchang, Xianya, Chenghuang Temple, Qingxuguan Chengmenlou and many other main tourist attractions.

The yard is grand, there are 17 rooms which include principal room, boudoir, xiulou, wing-rooms and south hall. Every room has an earthen bed, there is no problem to supply accommodation for 40 people at a same time.

The surroundings of this hotel are excellent and the service is outstanding – the hotel is ideal if you want to experience traditional life in Pingyao and feel the charm of the ancient city.

Pingyao Cheng Jia new hotel is located in the ancient city of two 40 Hazel Street Pingyao . Tukang inn features folk , carved wooden beds , more than 25 various types of rooms , can accommodate more than 130 people stay , more than 150 people dining . The house neat and clean, spacious and bright , straight-backed chair , square table , celebrity pictures.