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Blizzard’s new work \”Dark Destruction God: Immortal\” is coming strongly

\”Diablo: Immortal\” is a new work released by Blizzard in the Carnival. This new tour is launched by Blizzard and NetEase.

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\”Diablo: Immortal\” is a new work released by Blizzard in the Carnival. This new tour is launched by Blizzard and NetEase. It is the sharing of the appointment address and the introduction of this game. Friends who are interested in this may wish to see more about the plot introduction.

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The official website introduces:

\”Diablo God: Immortal\” is the combination of Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase Games. The development of large -scale multiplayer online action role -playing games (MMOARPG), which is developed, is about to land on iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.

Unique regions and dungeons

From the peaceful Wusan town to the jungle island of Bayerfen, to the library of Jordan Kohler, \”Diablo God: Each area of \u200b\u200bimmortality has new challenges and familiar faces.

You will choose to help Wira and her teacher in Saisa, or go deep into the tomb of Phil (an Akalat believers)? Dark rule? Everything is possible, and choice lies in you.

Large -scale multiplayer action games are in the palm

Meeting with other demon hunters in the shelter, accompanied by them, and entered the deep and dangerous dungeon together. You can visit Westma of the Social Center, and you can trade with the local businessmen before entering the adventure again.

You can easily join or leave the team, participate in dynamic activities around the world, form a team with other heroes, defeat Scan’s Light to get rich rewards.


Exploring Westma’s winding streets that have not been corrupted by Massas. There are always lively activities in this city, because visitors from all over the world have come to appreciate its charming style, browse local famous victories, and enjoy more excitement.

Westma can meet all the needs of your adventure, you can use your own storage box and trade with traders. More importantly, you can meet the same passers -by here, and at the same time it is where you rest.

The newly created \”Diablo: Immortal\” will bring players to play the real experience of \”Diablo\” on the touch screen device. The intuitive operation, gesture and touch screen control allows players to fully control their heroes, and the experience of eliminating endless devils is as easy as using the handle and keyboard.

Aiming at your enemies

direction control allows you to move freely in this world, press the skill with your fingers, use the indicator to aim at the target and then release the skills, you can easily destroy hell from hell Demon. You can quickly use the potion to restore your life, click the screen to get the recentlyItems.

real machine screen:

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